My name is Yfke Laanstra

'My passion is at the cutting edge of consciousness,
computer technology and human potential'

I'm a professional futurist, speaker, trainer and author. But who am I? That's a very good question. THE question i started asking myself around the age of 20. 

This and many, many other questions.

It's in my nature to explore established frameworks and structures, patterns, programs and assumptions and push back boundaries. To write and talk about this freely. I am born with a boundless curiosity, a need for research, an open mind and an eye for the (seemingly) less obvious connections. Statements such as 'this is just how it works', 'that's just how I am' or 'that's just the way we do this' truly trigger me. Not to be merely rebellious but from the standpoint that nothing is static, nothing is what it seems and you're capable of truly extraordinary things. There is more than meets the eye and more than our current equipment can measure. You are able to change your perspective at any time. To make different choices and modify your behavior

'It is your perception that shapes your reality. Your world view and your perspective on what it means to be human. Increasing your awareness, raising your consciousness and questioning your current perception is key'.

I've always felt inspired to find the answers to the larger questions in life like 'who am I?', 'what am I?' and 'why am I here?'. To discover what it truly means to be Human. To be fully present, within myself, with another person and in the world I live in. Especially in the current times, where technology is booming and our reality is changing by the minute, this quest is (and will become) more important than ever.

Computer technology fascinates me immensely. I feel deeply connected to it and at the same time sense the intense tension it creates. The wonderful opportunities, moral challenges but also the existential dangers. What is (still) real, what is artificial? Is it responsible to reprogram our DNA? How do we actually relate to technology? Should (hu)man and machine merge? Is it possible to upload our consciousness into a computer? What is the true nature of reality?

Join me. Step out of your comfort zone and into the future.

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Ambassador of HeartMath Institute, Center for Humane Technology and Next Nature Network, Dutch representative of the Consciousness Hacking and Transformative Technology movement.