We’re closer to holographic meetings than you think

From Vox.com
The same tech that powers Pokémon Go might make virtual meetings more like real life.

Now six months into the pandemic, it’s not unusual to have a work meeting, a doctor’s appointment, and a happy hour without leaving your desk. And our new Zoom-centric lifestyle isn’t going away anytime soon. With cold weather around the corner, you can count on spending more hours in video chats and a lot less time seeing people in real life. A small startup called Spatial thinks this is an opportunity to transform the way we interact in digital spaces.

Spatial’s co-founders are incredibly excited about the future of augmented reality. You may have encountered AR, which is a technology that superimposes digital images onto the real world, during the Pokémon Go craze four years ago. But instead of making it look like Pikachu is in your living room, Spatial makes it look like your coworkers are there — or at least realistic avatars of them are.

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