Slow Tech

Our biggest challenge is not that machines will take over in the (near) future,
but that we are (unconsciously) going to become one ourselves. Slow Tech calls for real life, an analogue conscious lifestyle where technology is serving.


What I profoundly realized, after writing my book 'Bits, Bytes & Bewustzijn' is that the biggest challenge of our time is not that machines will take over but that we are (unconsciously) going to become one ourselves. That we are slowly but certainly drifting away from who we truly are, what is going on inside of us and what is of true value. Disconnected from our feelings, emotions and our body. With dire consequences. 

Despite my knowledge about the cutting edge of consciousness, computer technology and human potential I am constantly struggling with this. With finding a healthy balance in being on- and offline, in dealing with computer tech in a responsible and mindful matter. Because when I'm behind screens I'm at total ease, I'm in the zone. These devices grant me access to endless virtual libraries 24/7, they connect me to the most fascinating people all around the globe and help me create amazing virtual constructs. I'm hooked. But at the same time I've come to realize that I've heavily underestimated the impact of these screens and internet connections. Change starts with recognition, but that alone isn't enough. It takes consciously choosing to change your behavior accordingly and to take full responsibility. Every moment, every day. How difficult this may be, because the internet is called digital heroin for a reason.


Do we really want to be Future Proof then we need to take the necessary steps. Because the Tech Tsunami is raging on and we haven't seen nothing yet... (more about this in my book). And in the contrary to Elon Musk I don't see the solution in implanting/injecting technology in our brain as an attempt to catch up with Artificial Intelligence (read more about Neuralink). I believe in a revision of the positioning of tech and a (R)evolution in consciousness. 


Slow Tech calls for a conscious and mindful life, where human values like happiness and meaning are leading. Values that can't be converted into algorithms. A life filled with love, (personal) care and attention. In al its aspects. In order for the current artificially induced pace of life to slow down, back to its natural speed. Where we take time for each other, slow down and unwind. So superficiality can make room for deep work, the race for success for meaning. I can make room for WE, from Illness to WEllness.

'Slow Tech calls for real life. Authentic, connected with all living beings. A life where technology is of service.'

Serving our growth and development, of both our wellbeing and our consciousness. To a truly loving connection with ourselves and others. 

Analogue and real is the new luxury.     


As a note to self I've created several Slow Tech guidelines. To reflect on where I spend my time on and where I pay my attention to:

Know thyself

Self care