Read my book online

Sharing is multiplying and if there is something I like doing, it is sharing my insights. That's why my (Dutch) book 'Bits, Bytes & Bewustzijn' is freely available online and can be read via my website.

Online Program

I feel deeply fulfilled researching, gaining insights and sharing my insights, so sharing my (Dutch) book online is truly a #nobrainer. Of course I could simply publish it online as a downloadable file - like PDF, EPUB or Kindle - but personally I don't find that very refreshing. It gives me great pleasure to put this in the beautiful look & feel of an online program. And so, there you go.

Because I love to know who's reading my book, I'd like to ask you a few very brief questions. Click on the little skin-coloured round icon at the bottom right of this screen and a chat window will open. My (Dutch) 'virtual alter ego' will then chat with you and provide you with the link to my online book.. 

Enjoy reading and I look forward to meeting you, live or online!

Oh and should you prefer to be holding my (Dutch) book in your hands as a tangible book, then the printed version is also still available in limited supply. Then click here.