Computer Code & Consciousness

How cool is that: being invited by a publishing company to write a book on your passion: the cutting edge of consciousness, computer technology and human potential. A book that will appeal to both the conscious & aware readers as well as the tech oriented readers. This has given me a paper playing field to create a context for my vision on what it means to be (and remain) Human in our High Tech world.


Ps. I'd love to get my (Dutch) book translated so should you have any contacts/tips, do let me know!

Computer Code & Consciousness 
at the cutting edge of computer technology and human potential

'In the future we might no longer be born but merely produced, cloned, taken out of suspension, downloaded or printed. In a world full of artificial intelligence and immersed in artificial frequencies.' 

Huge changes are taking place, both on the global stage as within ourselves. At the same time computer technology is evolving at an unprecedented and exponential rate. This will radically and fundamentally change our humanness and our reality in the next fifteen years.

Virtual Reality, ‘wearables’ such as smart watches and the 'Internet of Things' are booming. Biology is gradually merging with technology, by means of the implanting of chips, the printing of organs, robots in your blood stream and your mind being uploaded into a computer.

What are the implications for our consciousness, wellbeing and our humanness? Is this an upgrade or actually a downgrade?

Welcome in the world of Biohacking, Transhumanism, Holistic Hacking and Slow Tech. 
You can get a sneak peek of the (English) Table of Contents, Introduction and the Glossary via this link.


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